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Imagine a trailblazing steamroller filled with a bunch of heavy-drinking country-rockers. A galloping horse carrying a foulmouthed bank robber. A four headed monster that makes its presence well-known. What IS that sound?

It’s Baby Face Nelson, a band hailing from The Netherlands. After playing over 250 shows across the European mainland, the band fought through their accumulated hangovers to record their second album ‘Pistola’.

Prepare yourself for a night full of wild country, trash and honky-tonk that’ll make your ears flutter and your liver stutter. The love for Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams (I and III) and a combined rock ’n roll-past are the ingredients for a live show by Baby Face Nelson.

The result of a night with Baby Face Nelson? A croaky voice, aching muscles and a hangover you will long remember!


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